Anti-Racist Work

Tierra Pacifica Charter School

Tierra Pacifica strives to provide a safe and welcoming space for all members of our community, especially those marginalized by white supremacy culture. 

We endeavor to increase awareness about personal and institutional racism and to learn and understand how racism works through us and our institutions. We do this work with our students and our community by having open and honest dialogue about our identities and how they intersect. Staff have ongoing opportunities for professional development to confront personal biases and how they show up in teaching. Our staff works to support one another to respond to incidents at school in a way that centers the needs of our families of color and leads to institutional change.

Parents in our community meet monthly to work on these same goals and how to support the school’s anti racist work. Read the PARC (Parents Anti-Racist Committee) Mission and Vision.

Read the Tierra Pacifica Charter School Board Resolution Committing to an Inclusive, Culturally Responsive Educational Environment.