General Information

For complete information about Enrollment Policies please read our school policy which can be obtained in the school office.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are free public schools of choice that are freed from many of the traditional rules and regulations governing other public schools in exchange for greater accountability.  They are created by groups of parents, teachers, school administrators or others who want to provide educational alternatives, and are free of cost to parents and open to all students, but exempted from many statutory and regulatory requirements in exchange for performance-based accountability.


What is Tierra Pacifica all about?

Our mission is to educate children in a supportive community environment where family involvement, creative expression and exploration of the physical world are highly valued.  We strive to help our students become passionate life-long learners and responsible community members through an academic program designed to optimize each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.


What is parent participation?

Although not a requirement for enrollment, parents are encouraged to get involved.  Many parents participate in many ways.  Parents can help in the following activities: assisting teachers in the classrooms, help in the office, help with facility maintenance, wash laundry, serve lunches, and assist in many other capacities, including governing the school.  Our parent coordinators work closely with families to find ways to help that work with their schedules and skills.  The result is a strong feeling of community among children, parents, teachers, and staff.  Families are encouraged to participate in school fundraising activities as well.  Parent participation, however, is not required of any Tierra Pacifica family.


Does Tierra Pacifica charge a tuition?

No. Tierra Pacifica is a free public school. It receives funding based on attendance from the State of California and cannot charge tuition. However, like many public schools, this funding falls short of what is needed to operate the school in a manner that allows us to achieve our vision and goals, so families are invited to help support the school financially. This is not required; however, parent donations make possible most of our enrichment programs (art, music, dance, drama, etc.) and maintaining teaching assistants and small class sizes. We encourage each family to consider its relative financial health, and donate an amount that they believe appropriate. Individual donation levels are kept confidential and in no way affect a child’s enrollment.


Why does Tierra Pacifica have a lottery?

Tierra Pacifica is open to any student who wishes to attend. However, it is currently fully enrolled. By law, when more students wish to attend than we have spaces to enroll them, we must conduct a public lottery for the open spaces.