Suns Class (2/3)

Tierra Pacifica Charter School


**Many of these subjects will be intertwined. I have separated them for easy reference.**


Life cycles of owls and other birds
Life cycles of bats
Understanding Solids, Liquids and Gases
Rocks, Minerals and Fossils
Ecosystems- Local Tide Pools
Photosynthesis/Plant Parts


Social Studies

Interaction of settlers and California Native Americans
Foods role in people’s lives in the past and present
Timelines:Understanding and Making
Money, Trade and the Economy
Civil Rights Movements of the Americas
Local Government
Three Branches of Government


Third Grade Math

Read, Write and Compare multi-digit numbers
Understanding Place Value
Adding 2-4 digit numbers
Subtracting 2-4 digit numbers
Multiplication-concepts and facts
Division Concepts and facts
Geometry- recognizing polygons and solid figures
Adding and Subtracting Simple Fractions
Multiplying and Dividing Great Numbers
Perimeter, Area and Volume
Decimal/Money Math
Understanding Charts and Probability


Language Arts

Writing a letter
Writing brief personal narratives
Creating Topic Sentences
Structuring a Paragraph
Using concrete sensory details
Increasing reading fluency
Using different strategies to help with reading comprehension
Understand main ideas of non-fiction pieces and the plots of fiction stories
Understand how to use capitals and punctuation
Writing legibly in printing or cursive
Practice using dictionaries and other references materials
Using different spelling patterns



Understanding, Viewing and Performing Theater pieces
Recognizing and using the elements of visual arts
Techniques of different art mediums (oil pastel, water color, collage…)
Using art to express a feeling or tell a story
Reading and writing poetry
Viewing and Learning Dance Movements from different cultures
Exploring rhythms of different music pieces
Using the arts to enhance learning and to teach others
Singing songs different music genres


Physical Education

The importance of physical activity
Rolling, throwing catching and kicking a ball
Balance skills
Building endurance and strength
Know how to stretch different parts of the body
Participate in a wide range of physical activities
Encourage others by using verbal and nonverbal communication.
Demonstrate respect for self, others, and equipment during physical activities.
Participate positively in physical activities that rely on cooperation/
Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Juliet Lohrey