2020 Drive For Schools

This year we have decided to postpone our involvement with Drive For Schools. We’ve based this decision on a number of reasons, mostly the huge administrative effort it takes to organize and process sales, which would be an even bigger responsibility given that we have no volunteers in the office due to health and safety measures in place. Also, students selling tickets outside grocery stores and at farmers’ markets is no longer an option, and handling cash is not advisable.

We do, however, know that those involved in our special community will still want to have an opportunity to help our school. How can these special people (you!) continue to provide their essential support to the education of our children, you ask? How can we replace such a valuable, usable cash amount to cover the costs of running this wonderful institution, Tierra Pacifica?

Donate!!! Please click on the 'Donate' link below to help support our wonderful school! Your donations are appreciated beyond words....