The Spot (6/7/8)

Tierra Pacifica Charter School

The Spot Classroom is a dynamic learning environment where students thrive as they continue to build a strong foundation before moving on to high school. Students learn through hands-on activities, group learning, state-of-the-art technology, and by gaining real life experiences through field trips. Aside from a rigorous academic curriculum, our students delve into social emotional curriculum that helps them work effectively in a group setting. Additionally, we emphasize becoming stewards for the environment and how to be active participants in democracy. Students participate in two different capstone adventures that alternate at the end of each year; either a 16 mile hike to the Nevada Falls out of the Yosemite Valley or whitewater rafting the American River out of Coloma. We encourage students to approach their year with a growth mindset and willingness to learn. This helps ensure their readiness for high school success.