Oaks Class (1/2)

Tierra Pacifica Charter School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Oaks Class, a place where students are actively involved in academic and social emotional learning. The two, in fact, are completely intertwined as we depend on each other to create an environment that supports all of our learning. Students together with their teacher create the rules that the class lives by and solve most problems through class meetings. It is recognized that students often have the best ideas for how to solve problems affecting their lives and the process of problem solving together builds democratic and leadership skills.

Through Investigations Math, Daily 5 and Writers Workshop, students develop a strong inner motivation for learning rooted in their interests and belief that young people are capable of meaningful work. Enter the classroom at 9:30 and you will find students solving math problems both modeling and representing their solutions in rich ways that reflect their diverse thinking. Step into the classroom at 11:00 and the room will have the quiet hum as students work independently or in small groups reading or writing. Step in later in the day and the volume is much higher as students excitedly engage in hands on science or choice time where students spend a half hour creating, building and doing art of their choice with the materials on hand. Monthly field trips and nature days allow students to engage in hands on learning of biology and local history extending the classroom into the wider area of the Monterey Bay region.

We look forward to a year of learning together!

Adrian Garsia, Teacher of 1st/2nd "Oaks Class"