Wish Lists

If you are ordering items to be shipped to us, our address is Tierra Pacifica Charter School,
986 Bostwick Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. If you have a question, call 462-9404, ext 0


Life Lab Vegetable and Fruit Garden Wish List for 2017

Thank you for considering donating one of the items below for our life lab garden classroom. Contact Jennifer at jsea@sbcglobal.net. ~ Jennifer Colfer

We will need a few bags of compost/soil to add to our holes we plan to plant 4 trees in, we also need a box or two of organic 5/5/5 soil amendment. If there is ever any extra compost we can use that for the garden beds all year long.

Plants for insectary/ hummingbird garden: approx (12) 1 gallon plants and gopher baskets for each plant. I have a list of suggested plants, please have donor contact me.

Organic soil amendment and fertilizer, please contact me for quantity.

Vegetable seeds and starts, please contact me for a suggested plant list.

PE Wish List: (updated 9/6/2017)

  1. New Soccer balls and Basket balls for recess and PE.  all colors are fine.
  2. Outdoor Chalk
  3. Footballs (regular size and pee-wee)
  4. Balloons
  5. Outdoor soft volleyballs
  6. Frisbees

If you have any other equipment, we would be happy to see if we can make use of it!

Office Wish List (Updated 9/6/2017):

  • We collect used inkjet and laser cartridges in the office. We turn them into Staples and get $2.00 a piece for them.Our account is under 831.462.9404 and the name is Sofia.
  • Accounting help for Satisha
  • Order janitorial supplies and watch inventory: TP, facial tissues, garbage bags, handsoap and check supplies in classrooms
  • Errand person: take items to Grey Bears occasionally
  • Person to call us on their way to Costco and see if we need anything for the school. We almost always can use AA batteries.


Kindergarten; Hearts Class Wish List (9/6/17):

  • Primary mini tissue squares - 5,000 pieces (8.79 at discount school supply)
  • Pattern Play: color by design by mindware (on Amazon)
  • Keva Contraptions plan set by Mindeware (on Amazon)


1st-2nd Grade; Oaks Class Wish List (Updated 9/6/17)

  • Pencil top erasers (one color would be best)
  • Expo low odor dry erase markers chisel tip (assorted colors)
  • Expo fine tip low odor markers (assorted colors or black)
  • 25 Dry Erase boards 9 1/2" x 12", white (to replace old worn boards)
  • 12 pack of premium Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers/Dry erasers 2" x 2".

2nd-3rd Grade; Suns Class Wish List (as of 9/6/17)



4th-5th-6th Grade; Dragonfies and Redwoods Wish List (as of 9/6/17)

  • Whiteboard markers Expo dry erase
  • Classic set of basic 10 key calculators
  • 10 sets of oil pastels
  • Hardware to get Apple TV up on the wall
  • Speakers that work with Apple TV
  • 10 decks of cards
  • 65cm stability/yoga balls (green, blue, black or white)
  • Games: Yahtzee, Guess Who Game x 2, Stratego, Chess x 2

Art Class Wish List: (as of 9/6/17)

  • Fine tip sharpies
  • Standard and skinny Hot Glue sticks
  • 8.5" paper plates
  • Black Yarn
  • Gallon of Elmer's all purpose glue (standard normal glue)

7th-8th Grade; The Spot Class Wish List (9/6/17)

  • Cushions for chairs (can be used)
  • Dry erase pens
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex...the good stuff, like Puff Plus
  • Glue sticks - 35
  • Tape
  • Graph paper and notebooks