Wish Lists

If you are ordering items to be shipped to us, our address is Tierra Pacifica Charter School,
986 Bostwick Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. If you have a question, call 462-9404, ext 0


Life Lab Vegetable and Fruit Garden Wish List for 2013-2014

Thank you for considering donating one of the items below for our life lab garden classroom. Contact Jennifer at jsea@sbcglobal.net. ~ Jennifer Colfer

Someone to install a rain barrel at the downspout in the garden. We already own the rain barrel.

Plants for insectary/ hummingbird garden: approx (12) 1 gallon plants and gopher baskets for each plant. I have a list of suggested plants, please have donor contact me.

Organic soil amendment and fertilizer, please contact me for quantity.

Vegetable seeds and starts, please contact me for a suggested plant list.

Heavy duty (vandal/weatherproof) shed for storing tools. Approx. size 3' deep, 5' wide, 5-6' high. Please contact me before purchasing so we can be sure that it fits in the area.

Two large garbage cans/bins with waterproof lids that can withstand weather/rain for storing extra potting soil and soil amendment.

PE Wish List: (updated 11-4-2015)

We can always use:

  1. Soccer balls for recess and PE.  all colors are fine.
  2. PE Wagon with all terrain wheels
  3. Footballs (regular size and pee-wee)
  4. Yoga mats

If you have any other equipment, we would be happy to see if we can make use of it!

Office Wish List (Updated 11-4-2015):

  • We collect used inkjet and laser cartridges in the office. We turn them into Staples and get $2.00 a piece for them.Our account is under 831.462.9404 and the name is Kitty.
  • Accounting help for Satisha
  • Order janitorial supplies and watch inventory: TP, facial tissues, garbage bags, handsoap and check supplies in classrooms
  • Errand person: take items to Grey Bears occasionally
  • Person to call us on their way to Costco and see if we need anything for the school. We almost always can use AA batteries.


Kindergarten - Wish List (10-12-13):

  • Community Cooperative Game ($19.95) by Eeboo; Item Number R129; Available online at montessori services.com
  • 8 Knitting Forks ($7.95 each); Item Number V407; Available online at montessori services.com
  • Corking Book ($7.95); Item Number V386; Available online at montessori services.com
  • 4 Knitting Towers ($8.95 each); Item Number V403; Available online at montessori services.com


1st-2nd Grade Wish List: (Updated 10-17-13)

  • pencil top erasers (one color would be best)
  • dry erase pens

2nd-3rd Grade Class Wish List, Juliet's Class (as of 08-25-15)


 Easy to use three hole punch

Large child size or small adult gloves for science and trash clean up.

Storybook cds with 3-6 of the matching accompanying books, for children to read along with at the listening center.  You type in listening center books with cd on e-bay or try the following link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=listening+center+books+with+cd&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xlistening+center+4+books+with+cd&_nkw=listening+center+4+books+with+cd&_sacat=0

Please no holiday themed books.  If you are curious about the reading level of the book you can type in the title on scholastic’s book wizard.  Here is the web address http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/ .  

Homemade play dough or pack of small play dough containers from the dollar store for word work.

Quality hand held pencil sharpeners that catch pencil shavings.

4th-5th-6th Grade Wish List: (as of 10-17-13)

  • whiteboard markers
  • Windex
  • sponges
  • tabletop suction pencil sharpener
  • two digital kitchen timers that count down and beep
  • kirigami calendar

Verena's Wish List: (as of 10-17-13)

  • 25 Angel Halo Recorders
  • Kick Drum, Ride, and High Hat - any quality

7th-8th Grade Wish List (11-4-15)

  • cushions for chairs (can be used)
  • dry erase markers
  • hand sanitizer
  • kleenex...the good stuff, like Puff Plus
  • Glue sticks - 35
  • Colored pencils - 35 boxes