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Parents at Tierra Pacifica Charter School

Participating in the education of our children and developing the strong sense of community that comes from working together toward a common goal are central to the mission of Tierra Pacifica. Our aim is to have all families actively involved in the community in a way that is meaningful both to the family and the school. Many families choose to volunteer between 12 - 15 hours per month (3 - 4 hours weekly in the classroom or an equivalent amount of time serving on a committee and/or performing a school support job).

Tierra Pacifica Charter School is a parent participation school.
We acknowledge parents as ParentParticipation.jpgco-facilitators of their children's learning and partners in their education. Parents' active participation in the classroom, governance and all other aspects of the school organization is vital to the challenging work of educating all children at Tierra Pacifica. Meeting classroom needs will be a priority over other forms of parent participation.

Parent teaching drumming elective


Parents are suggested to participate in the following activities:

  • 12 to 15 hours monthly in the classroom, on a committee or doing a school support job (either on-going or on-call job). The hourly suggestion for a single parent is 6 to 8 hours per month. These suggestions are not mandatory
  • Participation at school workdays and fund-raisers
  • Regular attendance at All School Meetings and Class Meetings.


Parent Job Possibilities

These are just few examples of the many job possibities available.

  • Classroom volunteer
  • Office help (this is REALLY fun!)
  • Courtyard and garden maintenance
  • Sharing skill/Teaching elective
  • Help with events (fundraisers, Talent Share, Fort-Building Day, Tiny Town)
  • Task force director
  • Plumbing or repair
  • Governing board member
  • Copying for teachers