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Tierra Pacifica is a vibrant collaboration between families and educators working to create a loving school and multi-generational community. We stimulate a love of learning by integrating academic instruction with the arts and fostering environmental stewardship, emotional intelligence, and physical health. Parents participate at every level of our school, from making policy to sweeping the floors. Our task is to build not just a school but also a community in which a diversity of strengths, cultures, and family backgrounds is valued. Since we view education as a lifelong process, we envision our school as a center of learning for families, children, and teachers: one in which the real world comes into the classroom and the classroom goes out to the real world.  Through conflict resolution training, classroom meetings and environmental education, we prepare our young people to become compassionate, effective leaders in tomorrow's world.


Job Applications:

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Certificated Teacher
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Classified Position (Teaching Assistants, Counselors, and Office)
For Office Assistant positions, please recognize that any reference to Teacher Assistant on the application will actually be referring to your experience as an office worker.

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