Welcome to the Hearts Class!

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We have just a few reminders for classroom volunteers, to make your time in the class even more valuable (most of you are remembering to do these things already, but there is a lot to keep in mind, so here goes.)

When you are in the classroom:

  • Please remind kids to use inside voices and to walk in the classroom;
  • Please sit at the circle (on the floor or in a chair right behind the kids) and if kids are talking out of turn, gently remind them to be quiet by putting a soft hand on their back;
  • Please be a model when the chime rings: stop talking and put your hands on your head;
  • Please remember that you are there for all the kids and spend time with them all, not just your own (if your child is having a hard time with this, please try to remind them each time you volunteer that when you are in the classroom, you are a teacher to all, not just their mom or dad);
  • Please save adult visiting for time outside of class time; when you are in class, focus on the kids.