Classroom/School Needs –
1.     We still need a few chair cushions (five to be exact)
2.     Facial Tissues (anything better than the school grade stuff)
3.     Hand Sanitizer (If you’re a big spender, kids like the stuff with aloe)  


Math –
Course 2/3: We have finished chapter 2, understanding and working with rational numbers, and have already started our review.  I hope to assess on Wednesday with the chapter test.
Course 3: Chapter 1 test on Thursday.  We will spend all week reviewing and getting ready.  Look for a practice test Wednesday night.
Algebra: Marching on through Chapter 2 this week.  Students are doing a great job of getting here on time.   Beginning this week, I will be marking attendance.
Science: Thank you so much to the Walz family for the dry ice supplies.  Students will be exploring scientific inquiry this week with dry ice.
Spanish – We will learn the question words: who what when where why and how plus some other question words in Spanish (Cuál, Adónde, De dónde, Cúanto). We will use the two verbs from last week making questions with these ten words.
US History – Chapter 2 test will happen today and then we will begin chapter 3, an introduction to the American Colonies on Wednesday.  Because of swimming and the length of this new chapter, we will spend two weeks on it.
PE – Swimming this week and next.
Justin Trinh-Halperin and Courtney Bowman