Dragonflies/Redwoods (4/5/6)

Check the link below to find out You Be The Teacher dates, dates for field trips and school events and due dates for large homework projects.

Class Calendar



Many parents would like to help their children practice spelling words at home. While we do not have a weekly list of words, we do use the most used words in English and the same words cycle through the tests repeatedly throughout the school year. Follow the link below for the list.

Link to Most Used Words in English (This is for spelling test practice)


Sites to Practice Spelling





Fun web sites for practicing math facts:



Our school has a group account with free rice. Students earn grains of rice for each correctly answered question. The rice goes to feed hungry people in the world. If you child would like to set up an account, they can go to the following web site and after signing up go to Groups/Find Groups and type in tierra pacifica/next to the tierra pacifica link click Join.



FINISHING WORK AT HOME: Work that is not completed in class is sometimes sent home for students to finish and bring back the next day, especially in the 6th grade. Please ask your child each day if they completed their work at school and if they are supposed to finish at home.

READING FREQUENTLY: Your child should be reading frequently at home which means reading most days including on the weekends. From time to time talk to your child about the book they are reading. Ask them to describe their main character or to tell you what is going on in the the book so far. If they are reading non-fiction, have them share what the book is basically about and a few important ideas from the book or magazine.

SELECTING THE RIGHT READING BOOK: Important factors in loving to read are choice and comfort. Students should be able to select books that have vocabulary and structure that are comfortable and easy for them to understand. A student might be "able" to read the words on the page at a 6th grade level, but it might be hard work for them to understand the themes or vocabulary or text structure (for example flashbacks). As a result, a book like this might be considered a "learning level" book but not a pleasure reading book. A parent might take this type of book and read it aloud to the student and discuss it. If a student is pleasure reading, they might select a book that is relatively easy to read and get lost in. Please do not discourage your child from reading an "easy" book if that is the book they willingly select. If you are concerned that your child continually selects books that are "too easy", please schedule a meeting with your teacher and bring a couple of those books with you and we can talk about it further at that time. 


You Be the Teacher Project

YBT is about fun, sharing and learning! Choose something you are interested in and would like to share with your classmates. See the calendar above for your assigned date. You are responsible for presenting a 45-minute lesson to the class. Here are the requirements:

1. You must do research to get ready. This might include reading books, watching an educational video, interviewing someone, doing an experiment, building or making something, going to a demonstration, using the Internet, or other ideas. I suggest searching the library for books, videos, CD‚ magazines, etc.

2.The lesson must be prepared, organized and practiced ahead of time. (No winging it‚or just reading note cards.) Organizational visual aids are highly recommended.

3.There must be a group participation segment that will help the class better understand the lesson topic; such as, learning a song or dance, doing an activity, playing a game, performing an experiment, making something, etc. (This must be completed within the 45 minute time frame, so please plan accordingly.)

4.You must turn in a general outline of your lesson at least two weeks before the assigned date.

5. You will complete a Self Evaluation after the presentation.

6. 5th and 6th graders: You must turn in a one page typed report that summarizes your knowledge of the subject of the lesson on the day the lesson is presented.

7. Please see the YBT Scoring Rubric (Google Docs) for information on specific requirements.

Peer evaluations will be done by the class after each lesson and given directly to me. I have a list of lesson subjects from years past posted in the classroom if you need a few ideas. The sheet Preparing for You Be the Teacher is due back in class on September 6th. If you have questions about YBT please do not hesitate to ask me in person or by email. Being successful means not leaving it until the last minute. Good luck and have fun!!

Even if you are already an expert, you are expected to do research into your lesson topic, and to turn in your detailed lesson plan two weeks prior to your lesson date. I must approve your detailed plan at this time. No matter what your topic is, find a way to make it interesting to your classmates. They will probably be interested for many of the same reasons that you are! Practice your lesson so that you can talk easily with your class instead of reading from cards or notes. Have fun and show what you know!

Think of the participation portion of the lesson as the main event. It should take up the bulk of your 45-minute time allotment. If you need more than 45 minutes, please see me ahead of time to see if we can arrange for it. Make sure you have all the materials you need ready and organized for your class, including visual aids for your “lecture” portion. (Sorry, but the office copier cannot be used to make copies for YBT.)

Your report is due within one week after your lesson, but can be turned in earlier if you wish. This informational report should present what you have learned about your lesson subject from the research and other work you have done. (It is not a summary of your lesson.) It must also include a resource list at the end that tells where you got your information from, so remember to keep track of that as you go along. We will go over how to do this in class. The report must be at least one page long typed or two pages if handwritten in ink.