**Many of these subjects will be intertwined.  I have separated them for easy reference.**



Social Studies

Third Grade Math

·      Life cycles of owls and other birds

·      Life cycles of bats

·      Understanding Solids, Liquids and Gases

   Rocks, Minerals and Fossils


·      Ecosystems- Local Tide Pools

·      Photosynthesis/Plant Parts

·      Motion


·      Interaction of settlers and California Native Americans

·      Foods role in people's lives in the past and present

·      Timelines:Understanding and Making

   Money, Trade and the Economy

   Civil Rights Movements of the Americas

·      Local Government

·     Three Branches of Government




·      Read, Write and Compare multi-digit numbers

·      Understanding Place Value

·      Rounding

·      Adding 2-4 digit numbers

·      Subtracting 2-4 digit numbers

·      Multiplication-concepts and facts

·      Division Concepts and facts

·      Geometry- recognizing polygons and solid figures

·      Adding and Subtracting Simple Fractions

·      Multiplying and Dividing Great Numbers

·      Measurements

·      Perimeter, Area and Volume

·      Decimal/Money Math

·      Understanding Charts and Probability

Language Arts


Physical Education

·      Writing a letter

·      Writing brief personal narratives

·      Creating Topic Sentences

·      Structuring a Paragraph

·      Using concrete sensory details

·      Increasing reading fluency

·      Using different strategies to help with reading comprehension

·      Understand main ideas of non-fiction pieces and the plots of fiction stories

·      Understand how to use capitals and punctuation

·      Writing legibly in printing or cursive

·      Practice using dictionaries and other references materials

·      Using different spelling patterns

·      Understanding, Viewing and Performing Theater peices

·      Recognizing and using the elements of visual arts

·      Techniques of different art mediums (oil pastel, water color, collage…)

·      Using art to express a feeling or tell a story

·      Reading and writing poetry

·      Viewing and Learning Dance Movements from different cultures

·      Exploring rhythms of different music pieces

·      Using the arts to enhance learning and to teach others

·      Singing songs  different music genres

·      The importance of physical activity

·      Rolling, throwing catching and kicking a ball

·      Balance skills

·      Building endurance and strength

·      Know how to stretch different parts of the body

·      Participate in a wide range of physical activities

·      Encourage others by using verbal and nonverbal communication.

·      Demonstrate respect for self, others, and equipment during physical activities.

·      Participate positively in physical activities that rely on cooperation/

Teamwork and Sportsmanship


 I have presented the main focuses of our year.  You may go to the following website if you would like more details about the language arts or math standards for your child’s grade level.

Dear families,

Greetings!  I hope that everyone has had a lovely summer.  I am excited to be teaching the 2/3 class again.  Some of the fun things that we will be doing in the first two months of school include visiting Wilder Ranch, dissecting owl pellets and meeting some bats up close and personal.  We are welcoming several new students to our school.  Please help them feel comfortable by introducing yourself, or trying to set up a playdate.

Our first parent/guardian meeting is to take place in the Sun’s classroom on Thursday the 25th from 6:30-8:00.  During this time I will let you know what we will be studying this year, give you an idea of how a typical week will be structured, discuss homework and answer questions.  

Class Supplies

I will be providing students with a homework folder and a classroom folder.  Since students will be sitting at tables without personal storage space, and to encourage sharing, supplies such as pencils and markers will be provided and shared.  Last year, students began to bring in erasers, pencils and pens for personal use and they became distracting and often created a competitive spirit.  Students began trading during class time, begging parents for the new cool school supply, and if supplies went missing students became very distraught.

If your family has already purchased fun erasers, pencil boxes etc… please do not bring them to school.  These supplies can be used at home, to make homework time more special.

Each student should bring in:

A standard sized one subject writing notebook (please help your child select a notebook that has lined paper that suits the size of their handwriting).  This notebook will remain at school in their book box.  There is a 1 cent wide ruled notebook sale at Staples until August 20th.

A backpack that they can put their lunch, folders, sweatshirts etc… in.  Backpacks will be kept outside on hooks and should only contain items that your child needs for school.  Please remember that toys, cards and electronics are not allowed at school.

Third grade students would also benefit from having multiplication flash cards at home.  In the past, I have found them at the dollar store.

If gathering these materials is a financial hardship for anyone please email the teacher or office and we will help.


-Linda L.


If your family is able, please contribute the following supplies to be shared with the class:


1+ pack of Crayola Dry Erase Crayons plus E-Z erase mitt.  I have found them at Staples and Toys R Us.  I would like to try to have students use these instead of whiteboard pens, because they have no strong odor).

1 pack of wide ruled binder paper

1+ pack of plain yellow number 2 pencils


Elmer’s X-treme school glue stick or other strong glue stick.  I have found them on sale at Target and Kmart.

Class Wish List


*Homemade play dough for word work



*Child sized latex gloves for dissecting owl pellets and community liter pick-up


*Storybook cds with 3-6 of the accompanying book, for children to read along with at the listening center


Thank you for your support, and for being a part of your child’s education.  I look forward to learning more about your children.




Juliet Lohrey