Teachers and Staff

Tierra Pacifica is extremely fortunate to have excellent teachers and staff. Click on a name to read more about our wonderful staff.


  • Linda Lambdin, Director
  • Sofia Radilla, Office Coordinator
  • Satisha Furnish, Financial Director
  • Bengie Hodges, Development
  • Elana Sifry, Superintendent Support
  • Kim Shankland, Office Assistant


Teacher Assistants:

  • Chelsea Nguyen (1st and 2nd Grade), PE assistant, science support
  • Tiger Prior (2nd and 3rd Grade)
  • Corinne Guihaire (Friday Kindergarten and 1st Grade)
  • Lorena Clark-Luna (Kindergarten)

Classroom support

  • Kris Hill, Resource
  • Lisa Zee, Speech
  • Kent Tipton, Resource TA, yard duty, SPED
  • Andrea Trader, P.E. Specialist
  • Stephanie Drake, Art
  • Stephanie Tam Rosas, Counselor
  • Julie Lockwood, Counselor Support
  • Dayna Lea, Counselor Oversight
  • Gwynne Cropsey, Spanish
  • Colleen Nicklaus, Spanish

The power and strength of our teachers!